Till Innordic

Jag har använt Innordics Kompeet på flera hästar, och jag har märkt att deras uthållighet
förbättras avsevärt. Detta innebär, att även vid den allra sista dagen av ett långt meeting, är mina hästa fortfarande i form.
När jag sätter en ny häst på Kompeet märks den extra energin snabbt av. Dessutom återhämtar sig hästarna mycket snabbt efter en hel veckas tävlingar och
transport, och det är riktigt trevligt.
Jag använder nu Kompeet till alla hästar som behöver arbeta hårt.

Carina Nevermann Torup
Holmevej 9, 4622 Havdrup

"Dear Innordic,

We thank you so much for this product, Kompeet.

We have used Kompeet for one month on two of the horses we have in training. One of them improved his time over 2140m with four seconds, and more is coming... The other one improved his time over 2140m with three seconds, with only two weeks between races.

The stallion suffered from overtraining and nervousness. That is all gone now, he is happy and harmonic even the first day after a race or hard training. Recovery after races has improved remarcably.

We also want to let you know we are now going to feed all the racehorses Kompeet, simply because we love the result.  Thank you!

Jenny Carlsson
Camp Lottentorp

Overskud og restitution
OL-rytter Lisbet Seierskilde om Kompeet

"Jeg anvender produkter fra Innordic til mine heste, og jeg vil især fremhæve Kompeet. Jeg har oplevet et større overskud og en bedre restitution efter hårdt arbejde. Det har særligt vist sig hos de heste, som muskulært skal yde ekstra for at nå et højere uddannelsesniveau og dermed også en større samlingsgrad

Lisbet Seierskilde"

Kompeet Boost gives my horses "that little extra"...

I own two jumping horses, which I use for both national and international horse shows. We often go for several days and make many entries over the weekend. To reduce the fatique and exhaustion for my horses, I tried to feed them Kompeet Boost.

"I became fan of Kompeet Boost at the very first horse show we joined using this product! I experienced a significant difference in the horse’s fitness, endurance and spirit. The tough competition takes extra energy, and it is important, that the horse is able to perform at the same energy level during the whole show.

Both of my horses can be fiery tempered, and I have never before been able to find a product, that provides energy without making them uncontrollable. Kompeet Boost supplies lots of energy and the horse stays calm.

I feed Kompeet Boost the week before a show, during the show and – if needed – for recovery in the days after. It is indeed a top quality product, which I recommend everybody to try!  

Best regards,
Kamilla Emilie Houborg"